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It's difficult enough to find cold prospects, let alone close them

Trajectry taps into actionable signals of company growth and prospect data other service providers are unable reach - by closely monitoring modern sources from corporate filings to online activity to online traffic to media coverage and more.

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Why it Works

Don't just go after firms that are announcing funding rounds like everyone else

Sure, fund raising can be a good signal - and we include them. But great signals are more than skin deep. To truly make outreach effective its important to know who and how to reach out to them.

1. Find Signals from Potential Clients

Businesses like startups, crowdfunders, non-profits, NGOs, angel and VC-backed firms are all putting out signals to approach them.

2. Gain advantage with abundance

Lead providers want to get between you and each single prospect for a fee. Sidestep them with countless targets prospects.

3. Insights that can be turned into action

Signals must be actionable and relevant. We convert them into 50+ data points, guaranteed to meet your client criteria.

Who is it for?

Parties with a need for your products are a source of infinite ROI

Make contact with companies that are interested in what you have to offer and, importantly, have the financial means to pay for it.


1. Marketers

Marketers of all denominations - including affiliate marketing, growth hacking, content marketing, and consultants - can define which growing companies are in most need of their services.

3. Investors

Angel investors, venture capitalists, crypto investors and private equity people can use the data to make informed decisions when monitoring their portfolio as well as what opportunities to double down on.

2. SaaS/Productized

Whether a solution is delivered via a specialist completing a task or its software accomplishing the task in hand, the ability to zero in on potential clients who can benefit from it equally as valuable.

4. Agencies

Advertising, branding, creative, design, digital, seo, web design, app development,no code, legal and PR. all these agencies offer different things but all can take advantage of having prospects on tap.

Up to 50+ Data Points per Prospect

What information is included?

CEO Name



Growth Signs

Decision Maker

Verified Email

Funding Date

Year Founded

Verifed Socials

Company Size

Funding Type



Company URL

Fund Amount

Job Hiring



Press Mentions


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☑️ 1000+ leads☑️ Previous months list (after signup, post launch month and on membership package)☑️ 30+ data points per prospect☑️ Verified CEO/decision-makers email addresses☑️ Verified CEO/decision-makers social profiles☑️ Personalization research data on each prospect☑️ Likely to purchase field☑️ Cold outreach guide☑️ Personalization guide☑️ Outreach subject lines guide☑️ Cold email templates☑️ Outreach follow up guide☑️ Database, CSV and excel file formats☑️ Cancel any time


Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I use Trajectry?

Let's be honest. Pitching to countless prospects, hoping something sticks, doesn't work.Trajectry does the legwork for you by finding actual firms that have a need for your wares as well as identifying the data you'll need to build a direct relationship with prospects.

2. How are you different from the competition?

The breadth of the company traction signals we find cover a much wider area than other providers. Most of the others focus on the companies that have raised millions through VC funding and thats it.The problem is that the funding usually happens months before the funding announcements are made in the media, by which time a potential clients outsourcing budget has already been spentTrajctory reads between the lines and picks up signals that may not at first be an indiction of growth, but are storing indicated of a prospect has the resources and eagerness to spend.

3. How do you get the data?

Our scanning systems are constantly picking up thousands of signals everyday from news outlets, socials, online buzz and blogs to name but a few sources.All data is continuously validated by hand, emails verified with verification tools and background research conducted on prospects to make sure its correct and can be sent to you, the paying customer.

4. Can I cancel at any time?

You can cancel anytime you wish. There's no obligation to continue with the subscription if you feel it doesn't fit your needs.If this ever we're the case we're sure it wouldn't be "a goodbye but a see you soon" once you realize the value the service brings. Even if that never happened we won't hold it against you. No hidden charges, no cancellation fees, no bad feelings nada.

5. How often are your databases updated?

Constantly, as our scanning system picks up thousands of signals everyday.The data is also continuously
the validated by hand, emails verified and background research conducted on prospects to make sure it can be used and is correct.

Pre-order Success

Welcome Aboard

Thanks for choosing Trajectry. We're setting up your account and once the membership package you've chose goes live we'll send the the goods through.In the meantime if you have any questions, hit the live chat at the bottom of this page.


How to land high growth clients when everybody else is chasing VC funded startups

Getting your product and service in front of VC funded startups and closing a deal with them is the stuff dreams are made of.After all, they've got million dollar budgets to keep your business in the black for months or even years to come.

Gold Rushes and Geese

Yet you should be aware that none of thats an easy feat, and in much the same fashion as the California Gold Rush of the 1800’s, you’ll need the necessary tools to strike startup goldYou might think that jumping between Crunchbase and Owler to see who got the latest funding rounds and find out the details of who you want to pitch is the way forward. Go down that route and you’ll quickly learn that paywalls spring up everywwhere faster than you can say “Peter Thiel”.Unless you pay up fast, those gatekeepers will keep the details of the VC funded golden geese you so eagerly want to reach out to.Once again using a Gold Rush analogy, it should be noted that way back in the mid to late 1800’s it was rarely the gold prospectors that got wealthy. It was enterprising types that we’re selling the miners extortionately priced goods, services, and food. Just like the all hallowed VC startup data of today.The point is a lot of startups, VC’s that court them and third party outfits with the data are all attending a private party. And agency owners, indie hackers, SAAS providers and the rest of us aren’t invited.

What the VC cognoscenti won’t tell you

Heres the kicker. It can be worth reaching out to startups fueled the VC dollar (or yen, euro, pound depending on your locale). But more often than not, funding will have already been allocated, earmarked or spent by the time a funding announcement makes the latest business news.

Heres how to overcome that Catch-22

The secret lies in getting in front of prospects that are gaining serious traction and showing signs of growth before other agencies, freelancers, consultants and product/service providers have the chance to.This can be done by spotting these signals of momentum and then tailoring your outreach to the prospects with background information found through personalization research.The signals that should be monitored and followed closely are:

Growth Signals

When your prospect announces new products, applies for new patents or even expands the office this usually means they’re performing better, budgets have got bigger - and have the cash to become your next big client.

Funding Signals

OK. I know I trashed the VC shtick a little bit earlier. But VC funding isn't all bad. There are still opportunities to land deals with tech movers and shakers even if the scene is crowded.The silver lining with the whole funding arena is that there are many different types of funding channels that cater to companies, entrepreneurs and products who have the means spend on what you've got to offer.Consider prospects that have joined an incubator or accelerator to get seed funding or crowdfunding campaigns as seen on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Different funding routes simply can’t be overlooked.

Company Signals

Practically any move in company direction is a catalyst for new opportunities and a door opening for you.Take the instance of your prospect signing up to a new service or purchasing from of a competitor that you can beat out on price or product features. Or a scenario where a higher headcount means more people can get use of staff support services you can give.

People Signals

New executive hires or promotions can indicate organizational paradigm shifts and are also the chance to introduce products or services to prospects.Arming yourself with the knowledge of the new star signings and heavy hitters in the upper echelon of a business, and what they're like are in both personal and corporate life is ideal - and the common ground to show your prospect exactly how your offering can help them.

Events and Attendances

As much a marketing move as it is keeping their ear to the industry ground, conferences and events attract your B2B prospects all year round. No matter what industry or vertical you’re in theres an event specifically catering to your niche.There's Gamescom in Germany and CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Vegas. The Association of Lincoln Presenters even sees aficionados congregate, re-enact the tensions of Civil War and dress up as the US’s 16th President (significant others can dress up as “Ole Mary Todd” if thats what floats their boat).Incorporating the reasons that prospects are attending events or the topics they talk about on stage in your outreach will unduly make them take notice of you - whether face to face or in a cold email.

If you want to beat the pack and land new clients, take a look at the discounted 1st Signals and Personalization Database available here


There's no formula to finding new clients. But there is a simple framework you can use.

Most entrepreneurs, agency owners, indie makers and general enterprising types will tell you success is anything but a straight line.It's actually better described as an undulating road made up of small wins,exhalations, troughs of sorrow and the deepest, darkest moments of desolation and despair. Its can also be fraught with enough setbacks to stop everyone in their tracks, except the most persevere.Mathematical formulas and equations can safely get men to the Moon and back. But theres no formula set in stone that guarantees business success or a straight line to achieve it.If you’re reading this then you’re most likely one of aforementioned self starting, enterprising types that knows the value of working for yourself.Creating new products and services satisfy the needs of consumers and increase the standard of living and drive economies every second of the day. So you’d think they get NASA type brains to discover the formula, right?Moreso, economies can be driven even further when providing products and services to high paying clients (instead of consumers). Selling to businesses can result in larger volumes of your solution being bought, and on repeat.While there isn’t a golden ratio to finding and landing new clients (just as with B2C), in actuality there are a few processes and tools you can use to get high ticket clients.

Get going with Google

That's right, every pre-Gen Z’rs first port of call to navigate the choppy waters of the world wide web.
The aim is to make your search smarter by returning the important client info that's hidden under the rubble of a normal search query.
A sure fire way to know a client has a budget to outsource is to check recent finance related announcements or press mentions. Put this sequence of key phrases into the search bar, hit enter, hit the news tabs and toggle the results to recent:"receives financing" AND "raises" OR "ownership" OR "funding" OR "received funding" OR "sound" OR "series" OR "seed" OR "startup" OR "SEC" OR "IPO" OR “filing” OR "Acquisition" OR "Invested" OR Merger" OR "restructure" OR "restructuring" OR "ownership"Voila! A fresh leads list of prospects who have the purse to purchase what you're offering. The trick is to understand what terms mean to you."receives financing" AND "raises" OR "ownership" OR "funding" OR "received funding"It could be VC funding, it could be seed, angel investing or even equity or reward based crowdfunding, this is a clear indication that they got a bigger budget to outsource to prospectors just like you."Acquisition" OR "Invested" OR Merger"This signifies the prospect company is getting bigger or growing. If you sell team planning software, remote working solutions or even office chairs, picking up these terms and it shows there a definitive need for your wares."SEC" OR "IPO" OR “filing”This is a transparent way of understanding how a prospect has fared quarterly or yearly etc. Again better performances means bigger opportunity to outsource to people like you.On the flipside, say if you offer staff training solutions you could be the antidote to an underperforming workforce.

Make sure the offer fits

Of course you’ll need to verify that your solutions can be of use to the identified target. Otherwise it will be like shoving a square peg in a round hole, ad infinitum.Imagine you run a salesforce consulting agency. You've picked up the signal that a prospect is expanding and staff numbers are increasing. Sites like or can be checked to see if a prospect is running the software.If they are then you could offer to help the bigger workforce get the the best out of the platform.

Look them up on LinkedIn

You’ve got to find the key decision makers at the organizations you’re going to approach.Jump onto LinkedIn, enter said prospect company name - for example - and click “See all employees on LinkedIn” on the company page. The higher up the chain of command tends the more obscure listings will be, e.g…LinkedIn Member
Co-Founder, Indie Hackers
New York City Metropolitan Area
That's not a problem. Copy and paste the obscured details into Google like this:"LinkedIn Member, Co-Founder, Indie Hackers New York City Metropolitan Area"The results will then show the profile of the key decision maker you're after.

Make inroads with email

So how do you get into touch with the prospect? The answer is email, and luckily there is a whole range of email finding tools out there like and this example we’ll use Simply enter the company name and it’ll send back partially obscured emails which can be easily deciphered using the name you’ve found on LinkedIn.

Personalize your outreach

You’ve got your prospect company. You’ve got the decision maker's name and email. Its now vital to get their attention by tailoring the cold outreach to said prospect.Gather information that is relevant to winning work, but don't include details about the prospects personal matters like family, ill health etc, Thats a big no-no.In addition to the name and job title which you’ve already got, info to focus on can include:Current Work Roles and Responsibilities
Previous Roles and Responsibilities
Pain Points they experience
Industry/Work relevant Events e.g. industry occurrences, going on at their work
Mutual/Common Interests
Mutual Connections e.g. people you both know or are familiar with
Current Company and Previous Companies worked at
Areas Lived, Worked or Originated from
Personal and Professional Areas of Interest
Recent Social Media Posts and Updates
Topics Engaged, Reposted, Retweeted, Liked and Shared
Topics Disliked or likely to cause offense
Communication Tone e.g. Formal, Humorous etc.
Industry relevant Social Accounts followed
Social Media groups and Communities joined
Colleague Names
Hobbies and Activities
Favorite Sports Team
Getting that info isn’t as daunting as it sounds. Most details can be pinpointed using the following channels and tools:Channel:RedditTools:redditcommentsearch.comredditarchive.comChannel:Twittertweetdeck.twitter.combacktweets.comChannel:
DISCLAIMER: LinkedIn is pretty stringent when it comes to third party tools.
Bypass this by going to a decision makers personal page, clicking ‘activity’ and then toggle through the related articles, posts and documents to get a good bead on what they like and comment on.


The above framework is just a tip of the iceberg to picking up signals, identifying needs and approaching prospects and targets. Follow it and it will drastically cut down on the time you spend looking for clients and creating the right outreach to book them.Alternatively you can send out 1000’s of generic emails hoping something will stick. But that won't cut it these days. The person you're reach out to won't know that your solutions could be the answer to their problems or a means to their advantage.As mentioned success isn't a straight line but hopefully the steps above will help you make the journey a lot smoother.

If you want to find clients without putting in the heavy lifting, take a look at the discounted 1st Trajectry Signals and Personalization Database available here


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$179 / month

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☑️ 1000+ list every month☑️ 1000+ previous month list today☑️ 30+ data points per prospect☑️ Verified CEO/decision-makers email addresses☑️ Verified CEO/decision-makers social profiles☑️ Personalization research data on each prospect☑️ Likely to purchase field☑️ Cold outreach guide☑️ Personalization guide☑️ Outreach subject lines guide☑️ Cold email templates☑️ Outreach follow up guide☑️ Database, CSV and excel file Formats☑️ Access to all lists in archive☑️ Cancel any time